NOTE: The Finite Frontier is no longer online! The server was shut down in April 2024 after more than a year of almost zero player activity. The player community still keeps in touch through the Discord server. This website and the wiki is kept online for historical purposes.

Welcome to the Finite Frontier!

This is a Minecraft server which implements the basic principles of property and freedom, including:

  • Homesteading of land
  • Protection of private property
  • Sound resource-based currency
  • Support for trade between players

Other than that we stick to the default configuration of Minecraft, use very few mods and allow any kind of gameplay within the limits of vanilla mechanics.

To start playing, run Minecraft 1.16.5 and add finitefrontier.com to your server list. To join our Discord server, use this link.


This project aims to continue the legacy of Liberty Minecraft, the original principled libertarian Minecraft server which recently announced that it is shutting down.

Our goal is to pick up where Liberty Minecraft leaves off and continue the same kind of experiment—implementing libertarianism in Minecraft. A large part of the Liberty Minecraft community has played on the Finite Frontier from day one.

Some things are different, however. Most of the changes are meant to make gameplay more balanced and keep things interesting over a longer time frame. The aim is to continue in the same spirit as Liberty Minecraft but also try to develop the concept further.

Here are some similarities between the servers:

  • Vanilla game settings, except to implement private property.
  • Claim system to homestead land and protect property.
  • Diamond based currency. Each diamond is converted to $10,000.
  • Chestshops make it easier for players to trade with each other.
  • PVP combat is disabled by default but can be enabled by players.
  • No restrictions on redstone, auto-farms or AFK:ing.
  • Friendly and helpful community, no rudeness or foul language.
  • Hacking, x-raying, duping etc is not allowed.

Here are some things that both servers do without:

  • No teleportation except vanilla nether/end portals.
  • No admin shops, no admin created resources.
  • No ranks, no lottery crates, no vote nagging.
  • No pay-to-win features.

Here are some of the differences:

  • Random spawn points spread out over a fairly large area.
  • Diamonds are sold by using a command rather than an admin shop.
  • Claimblocks are ten times as expensive (1/10 diamond).
  • Villagers are nerfed so as to not sell diamond gear or books.
  • No villages are generated in the world.
  • The primary game world is significantly larger.
  • TerraForged is used to generate more interesting landscapes.
  • No build height limit.
  • Hard difficulty instead of normal.
  • There is no Dynmap and never will be.
  • Minecraft upgrades not prioritized. Will probably run 1.16 forever.
  • Multiworld setup with smaller secondary worlds.
  • Unified chat across all worlds and Discord.

The Finite Frontier is owned and managed by Haksndot who was one of the most active players on Liberty Minecraft between 2017 and 2020. On his own server he restricts himself to being an operator, observer and chronicler. He does not participate in the server economy or compete with other players.